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About Effective Altruism

Effective Altruism is a growing social movement based on the idea that good intentions alone, while admirable, are not enough to have an impact. Instead, we are committed to combining compassion with reasoning and evidence so that our choices do the most good possible. With this broad approach, we tackle some of the most challenging questions of our era: what global problems should we prioritize, what strategies have the best chances of solving them, and how can we best use our careers and resources to contribute?


Ashley Lin

M&T gap year student. Doing cause prioritization @ Humanity 2.0, mapping crypto's human coordination / governance experiments @ SCRF.

Manya Gupta

College'25. Interested in biosecurity, poverty, gender, and global health. I do debate, and think about nonprofit optimisation a lot!

Meet The Organizers

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Ashley Lin


Ashley is a gap year student at Penn M&T She is trying to create incentives like grants, fellowships, and communities that get more talented young people doing work that improves the long-term future. Ashley currently organizes Penn EA, Penn Rationality, and does crypto governance research. Previously worked in edtech entrepreneurship / education policy. She’s interested in AI policy, global governance, and community building. Also, she loves long walks, kickboxing, vegan comfort foods, and Writing Literally Everything Down.

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Brandon Sayler


Brandon (he/him) is from the Phoenix, Arizona metro and is a sophomore in the college, majoring in Physics. He also intends to minor in Math, Computer Science, and Neuroscience, and sub-matriculate into the Physics & Astronomy MS program. He will likely pursue a PhD in Physics after he graduates in 2024. His career interests include research and entrepreneurship in a variety of spaces (cosmology, neuroscience, artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence safety, aging, defense), and maybe an eventual pivot into US public policy or executive branch work in these spaces. He is highly motivated by ensuring the extreme longterm goes exceedingly well, which includes mitigating suffering risk.


Liam Alexander


Liam is a Senior studying PPE. He's currently helping to organize the Penn EA Intro Fellowship and is working on a Senate campaign in his home state of North Carolina. He's previously worked on technology policy research and is super interested in exploring how AI and other emerging technologies can be responsibly governed. He also plays clarinet in the Penn Band! (which people should join after they join Penn EA)


Cathy Chen 


Cathy studies cellular and molecular biology in the College with an interest in biomedical research. She wants to expose more members of the Penn community to the EA movement to recruit more talented minds to solve the world's current pressing global health problems. Cathy is interested in antimalarial research and global health and development. She loves baking bread, Shotokan karate, and going on walks with her German shepherd, Cocoa.


Alyssa Nie


Alyssa is a freshman who studies Computer Science and Business in the M&T program. She's super excited about Effective Altruism community building, rationalist thinking, and reading literature! More than anything, she enjoys reading lots of blogs and going down internet rabbit holes. For now, she's most interested in causes like AI safety research and global development, but that's open to change. In her free time, she enjoys tinkering with mechanical keyboards and browsing Reddit. 


Josh Ludan


Josh is a student in the Class of 2024 studying NETS at the school of engineering. He's interested in data science and trying to figure out the best ways to measure the things we care about. Additionally, Josh is also currently involved with the Penn data science group, running the Kaggle team and doing research at the Computational Social Science Lab at Penn.