All events below will be in Gutmann/NCHW Room 209.

Wed, Sept. 20th, 7pm: Introduction to Effective Altruism

- An overview of core ideas/frameworks in EA, and how we think about approaching impactful careers (+ free food!)

Wed, Sept. 27th, 7pm: EA in Practice & Global Health and Development

- A deeper dive into charity evaluation, work on reducing extreme poverty, and preventable diseases

Wed, Oct. 4th, 7pm: The Future and Emerging Technologies

- An examination of long-term impacts of current technological development, focusing on bioengineering and artificial intelligence

You can expect our events to include: 

- Weekly club meetings

- Workshops w/ other universities 

- Speaker events

You can expect these events to include: 

- Conferences 

- Reading groups 

- Fellowships