Impactful Careers Cohorts

Join a community of other impact-minded people at Penn!

The program comes along with a weekend career workshop at the Rethink Priorities office, biweekly sessions on various cause areas in effective altruism, skill development workshops, and weekly personal dinners with unique speakers.

We want this to be worth your time -- so we're bringing in speakers who have seriously thought about and acted on their desire to improve the world. Potential speakers who have expressed interest in presenting in-person include:

  • Danny Bressler, former climate staff economist at the Council of Economic Advisors under the Biden Administration

  • Hadrien Pouget, international technology policy research analyst at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

  • Jacob Peacock, Senior Research Manager at Rethink Priorities focusing on plant-based meat alternatives

  • Abraham Rowe, COO at Rethink Priorities

  • Christian Ruhl, Senior Researcher at Founder's Pledge focusing on cause prioritization

  • Quinn McHugh, Director of Effective Altruism Philly

  • Ellen McGeoch, Director of Contracting at NeuroFlow

  • Matt Coleman, Affiliated Researcher at the Effective Altruism Psychology Lab